Foothills Southern Baptist Church
Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Bible Study

Date: Sunday, April 21, 2019
Time: 9:15 AM -

         Bible Study Classes for adults and children are available.

Babies - Preschool                
Meets in Preschool Center
Teacher:  Lynn Newcomb

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade       
Meets in:  Children Center C3
Teacher:  Janis Sudlow


 3rd - 5th Grade                                           
 Meets in:  Children’s Center C2
Teacher:  Janis Sudlow

Youth - 6th -12th Grade                 
Meets in Building D, Room D

Teacher:  Kris Hendershot            




College Aged (Single, Age 18-25)        
Meets in Pastor's Office-Bldg A
Teacher:  Mitch McDonald







Adult 1 Adults (Age 25-50)                 
Meets in Building D, Room V
Teacher:  Barbara Redding                         

WAV Empty Nest(Age 40-60+)                  
Meets in War Room, Building B, SE Side
Teacher:  Mike Weeks

Adult 2A  Sr. Adults (Age 50+)               
Meets in Building A, East Side
Teacher:  Al Goff                                      


Adult 3  Sr. Adults (Age 70+)                   
Meets in Building D
Teacher:  Mavis McDonald                        





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